💙 Onwards we go 😊

I'm delighted to announce that I'm joining the Blush and Robotos teams to serve and build our communities and organizations as of October 18, 2021. We're working to build tools for artists, creators, and communities.

I'm delighted to announce that I'm joining the Blush and Robotos teams to serve and build our communities and organizations as of October 18, 2021. We're working to build tools for artists, creators, and communities.

Waldo's blue bearded Roboto with thug life glasses blurple flower ears and a cat top.
My most cherished Roboto (#6340)❤️

We have an incredible opportunity ahead to enable more people with Web3 technologies, and I'm thrilled, humbled, and delighted about what we're working on ahead. ✨

If you're playing Where's Waldo, it may get a bit more challenging as we have many ideas, and want to help make the world a better place however possible, especially for artists and creators.

It's been a wonderful journey at Webflow, with many ups and a few downs (I'll share a more personal note in the future to recap the past two years). It's truly an honor of a lifetime to have been invited to join Webflow back in February of 2016 to help support our customer and community base. After sending 178,218+ messages in Slack, traveling around the world (while working remotely from home primarily), and helping to build a very gifted team, it was a beautiful experience.

Here are a few photos from my time at Webflow

The day that I interviewed at Webflow in 2015
When Nelson and I finally met in person for the first time during my first week at Webflow 💖
Nelson, Brandon, Andrew and I at a Webflow holiday party 🎄
My first photo with Pablo back in 2018 💖
Dan, Anna, and I at No Code Conf in 2019
Ran, Pablo, myself and Vlad at No Code Conf 2019
Our Support Leadership Team in late 2019 (Waldo, Andrew, Brando, Ben, Amy, and Micah)
Jess and I hiked about 10+ miles one evening with Pablo through San Francisco as he gave us the best tour of San Francisco that we've ever had!
Our Support Team in January of 2019 when we took at trip to Nottingham for an offsite. (Pictured: Andrew, Ben, Brando, Sónia, Waldo, Dave, Stu, Amy, Micah, Lily, and Kristine)
Pablo and I when we had a fun adventure around San Francisco one afternoon.
A photo with one of my best friends, Chase 😊, at the Webflow office
Hanging out with Ran and Charli at Epicurrence in the smokey mountains✨
Some of our team members at the Webflow office in early 2020 (Lily, Sónia, Kristine, Rita, Jordan, Cecilia, ANia, Zach, myself, Andrew, and Bryan
Stu & Waldo at a castle during our offsite in Nottingham.
My Dad with the wig, and me as a "Robot" aka a traffic light in South Africa, circa 1995. That face paint burned so much.

The last few months have been the most intense rollercoaster of life that I've ever been on. 🎢 Honestly, the last two years have been an absolute doozy for us (and for many others).

My wife (Jessica) and I were praying a few weeks back for the right doors to open and close. The Monday after, I received a note and then a phone call from Pablo asking me if I would like to join the Blush team and the Robotos team to lead and serve our communities. 😍💖😊

My heart started beaming, I felt so much peace, joy and excitement. It's an opportunity of a lifetime to work with Pablo and the entire team, as well as to serve each of the community members in this space. 😊 ✨ The opportunities feel limitless.

I care deeply about everyone that I've had the opportunity to work with, lead, interact with or collaborate with over the years. I've always sought to lead by serving others, and I've recently learned about the term "transformational leadership" which describes my preferred and ever aspiring leadership style quite well (I'm writing a book on transformational leadership, leading by serving others, team development, and many more topics, stay tuned).

While at Webflow, I learned more than I ever anticipated, and I never expected myself to leave.  Though, life is flux, and onwards we go.

I'd like to extend an immense gratitude to Pablo, the team at Blush, and the Robotos community for your support, kindness, provision and encouragement during this season. Thank you for thinking of me and for inviting me along for the journey.

The future remains bright, with LOTS of life to live and lives to change. ❤️

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